Parajumpers Autumn/Winter Collection 2017/18

We have sold Parajumpers now for 5 years, and brand is a firm favourite of our all staff, and we are lucky enough over the years to have added several styles to our own wardrobes. Our store offering has now expanded to Men’s and Women’s collections and we now provide one of the biggest and best Parajumpers collection in the UK.

In the winter months Gobi and Right Hand Man are without doubt a must have for those cold winter days, we have sold Gobi and Right Hand Man from the beginning, and they are becoming classic must have styles. Last Autumn we introduced the Skimaster collection for men & women and this quickly proved to be very popular with customers and sold out almost immediately.

womens-pjsAs much as I rely on the heavier weights of Gobi and Right Hand Man in the colder months, and Skimaster to some extent, I find the mid weight of Last Minute Man and light weights of Alvin and Nolan to be more functional.

lightweight-parajumprsWhat I mean by that is that these can be worn pretty much 12 months of the year. Yes you may need to add a jumper as temperature drops or strip down to just a t-shirt in spring/summer but I find these jackets perfect when out and about in the car. A perfect example would be shopping in the Trafford centre in Autumn/Winter months, where heating is blasting in all the stores, my Alvin is perfect for this.

The same principals apply to the women’s Parajumpers collection. Gobi, Margie, Light Long Bear and Skimaster are the styles to look out for on those colder days. But for a 52 weeks a year option, consider the Juliet and Rose Lightweight options. These styles are real all-rounders when it comes to days out shopping, maybe a meal & some drinks or taking the kids to school and picking them up.


You can view the Men’s Parajumpers Collection here and click here to view the Women’s Parajumpers Collection.