Mason Garments Sneakers

Mason Garments Sneakers, 4 Years Later

It seems like only yesterday that we first spotted Mason Garments in Amsterdam.

That was over 4 years ago. Since then we have seen the brand grow from strength to strength and has become a firm favourite with our customers.

Amsterdam has in recent years seen a steady increase in sneaker brands entering the UK market from ETQ, Filling Pieces and Mercer but Mason Garments was one of the first brands to move into the UK and we are proud to say, we was the first store in the UK to stock them.

Since then, Mason Garments have played around with their silhouettes, fabrications, sole units & branding and ultimately in 2015, moved their production to Italy, where major labels such as Balenciaga, Lanvin, Valentino are also produced. Mason Garments’ motto is “affordable luxury” and it is easy to see why!

Mason-Made-In-Italy-800x600This new line is manufactured in Southeast Italy, in one of the best footwear factories that solely works for the most high end labels known today. Italy is well known for its fine traditions of craftsmanship, and has been the source of countless unique masterpieces over the centuries. Today this tradition remains a valuable asset, essential for the production of luxury goods, made to satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs.Mason Garments Sneakers Liverpool

The aim of our premium line is to date back the origins of fashion and design that are profoundly connected to luxury and elegant context, with high-quality production and cultural environment that would be an example for all other manufacturers around the globe.

Hand crafted in Lecce Italy, the sneakers are artfully constructed of full-grain calf leather which has been hand picked from the finest tanneries in Southeast Italy. Each model has its own characteristics and is distinguished by their unique heel cap.