Size Guide for Men

Designer Boutique size guide for men is a must view for all buyers as sizes/fits can vary greatly from brand to brand. You may be size medium in one particular brand but at the same time be a size XL in another.

To help combat this minor complication, we have customer care team on hand to measure each individual product and to provide as much advice as is needed in ensuring you get the size you need the first time of asking.

To do this, Designer Boutique Menswear have developed a unique detailed sizing information pop up box for each individual product. This information will be displayed as a pop up page when selecting a size from the size drop down menu on a product information page.

This pop up is aimed at helping you pick the correct size first time around and to enable you to make the most informed decision with regards to your size/fit requirements.

Please note: once you click the OK button on the pop up box, the pop up will then close, however you still need to click the ADD TO BAG button to add that size to your shopping bag.

The sizes below are generic size guides for each product area. For more brand/product specific sizing information, check out the sizing pop up that appear when selecting a specific size from within the Size drop down menu on the product page itself.

Size Guide for Men