Mason Garments Sneakers

Mason Garments Sneakers, 4 Years Later

It seems like only yesterday that we first spotted Mason Garments in Amsterdam.

That was over 4 years ago. Since then we have seen the brand grow from strength to strength and has become a firm favourite with our customers.

Amsterdam has in recent years seen a steady increase in sneaker brands entering the UK market from ETQ, Filling Pieces and Mercer but Mason Garments was one of the first brands to move into the UK and we are proud to say, we was the first store in the UK to stock them.

Since then, Mason Garments have played around with their silhouettes, fabrications, sole units & branding and ultimately in 2015, moved their production to Italy, where major labels such as Balenciaga, Lanvin, Valentino are also produced. Mason Garments’ motto is “affordable luxury” and it is easy to see why!

Mason-Made-In-Italy-800x600This new line is manufactured in Southeast Italy, in one of the best footwear factories that solely works for the most high end labels known today. Italy is well known for its fine traditions of craftsmanship, and has been the source of countless unique masterpieces over the centuries. Today this tradition remains a valuable asset, essential for the production of luxury goods, made to satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs.Mason Garments Sneakers Liverpool

The aim of our premium line is to date back the origins of fashion and design that are profoundly connected to luxury and elegant context, with high-quality production and cultural environment that would be an example for all other manufacturers around the globe.

Hand crafted in Lecce Italy, the sneakers are artfully constructed of full-grain calf leather which has been hand picked from the finest tanneries in Southeast Italy. Each model has its own characteristics and is distinguished by their unique heel cap.


Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers

Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers

Having been involved in the fashion industry for over 30 years, I have seen a lot of brands & trends come and go. However, over the last few years the importance of the right footwear brand on your feet has had as much impact as anything I have ever seen.

Giuseppe Zanotti LiverpoolEvery season, there seems to be a new brand fighting to be on top and one brand that has been around for a number of years and is certainly making a big impact this season is Giuseppe Zanotti.

Not a shoe for those who want to blend in with the crowd, this is a brand that likes to make a bold statement and set you apart as a trend setter.

In the words of Mr. Zanotti ‘you cannot design shoes if you only think about fashion – it is too realistic… when I design, I dream’. And what a dream Zanotti sneakers are. The iconic style arrives for the new season in a cutting-edge variation.

Looking for something different, why not call in store and try a pair on.


Jean Alteration Service

Jean Alteration Service

Parajumpers Autumn/Winter Collection 2017/18

We have sold Parajumpers now for 5 years, and brand is a firm favourite of our all staff, and we are lucky enough over the years to have added several styles to our own wardrobes. Our store offering has now expanded to Men’s and Women’s collections and we now provide one of the biggest and best Parajumpers collection in the UK.

In the winter months Gobi and Right Hand Man are without doubt a must have for those cold winter days, we have sold Gobi and Right Hand Man from the beginning, and they are becoming classic must have styles. Last Autumn we introduced the Skimaster collection for men & women and this quickly proved to be very popular with customers and sold out almost immediately.

womens-pjsAs much as I rely on the heavier weights of Gobi and Right Hand Man in the colder months, and Skimaster to some extent, I find the mid weight of Last Minute Man and light weights of Alvin and Nolan to be more functional.

lightweight-parajumprsWhat I mean by that is that these can be worn pretty much 12 months of the year. Yes you may need to add a jumper as temperature drops or strip down to just a t-shirt in spring/summer but I find these jackets perfect when out and about in the car. A perfect example would be shopping in the Trafford centre in Autumn/Winter months, where heating is blasting in all the stores, my Alvin is perfect for this.

The same principals apply to the women’s Parajumpers collection. Gobi, Margie, Light Long Bear and Skimaster are the styles to look out for on those colder days. But for a 52 weeks a year option, consider the Juliet and Rose Lightweight options. These styles are real all-rounders when it comes to days out shopping, maybe a meal & some drinks or taking the kids to school and picking them up.


You can view the Men’s Parajumpers Collection here and click here to view the Women’s Parajumpers Collection.

Men's Calvin Klein Long Sleeve Smart Shirts Liverpool

Should I wear a shirt on New Years Eve?

With 2017 just around the corner, we thought we would give you our “expert” opinion on why you should wear a shirt this New Years Eve.

After listening to customers all year, we have noticed a downward trend in the number of polo sales and a sharp increase in shirt sales. One thing that has become apparent is the number of people complaining that they can not get into their usual bars and clubs in Liverpool City Centre any more and are now dressing smarter to combat this.

Trendy bars and clubs up and down the country must be taking their dress code a little more seriously and with that in mind, why leave your New Years Eve night out to chance?

We have a fantastic range of luxury, easy iron long sleeve Calvin Klein shirts that are reasonably priced at only £60.

Made from 2 ply cotton and available in 5 smart colours, this seasons Calvin Klein shirt collect is the best by a country mile!

Happy New Year!



Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Save the date, Sunday 14th February. Valentine’s Day 2016. Whether your are looking for that ideal gift or treating yourself to something special, our new spring/summer collections won’t leave you disappointed.

All products are available in our store on Stopgate Lane, Aintee, Liverpool, L9 6AN and available to buy online.

Valentines-Day-Gifts-Jantoso-polo Valentines-Day-Gifts-Scotch-and-soda Valentines-Day-Gifts-Antony-Morato-Shirt Valentines-Day-Gifts-Calvin-Klein Valentines-Day-Gifts-True-Religion Valentines-Day-Gifts-Tramarossa Valentines-Day-Gifts-Antony-Morato-Print Valentines-Day-Gifts-Asics-Gel-Lyte Valentines-Day-Gifts-HUDSON Valentines-Day-Gifts-Antony-Morato-Blet Valentines-Day-Gifts-Sneaky-Brand




Weekend Outfit Style Guide


The edit takes a closer look at some weekend outfit ideas to help you rock it whenever the occasion arrives.

This weekend in Liverpool sees a much anticipated boxing match between local rivals Callum Smith and Rocky Fielding at the city’s biggest venue; The Echo Arena. The biggest problem will be whether you are staying out with the lads afterwards or going home to the missus.

With this in mind, we have put together 2 outfits;


For those of you under the thumb (like me) or with real world responsibilities like kids (also like me). You are going out to socialise but stay semi sober. Shandy’s are on the menu and top of your to do list is some good food before someone ruins it getting pissed too early. You have weekend plans and shall not break them. You enjoy walking around Ikea (when it’s quiet) and Smooth FM is your Friday night station of choice. You plan to go home after the boxing under the pretence of “getting up early and things to do” but we all know your under the thumb, so just admit it and be done with it.

Mens Style Ideas for Weekend Outfits


OUTFIT 1. We used a casual light wash True Religion denim as it features a nice amount of washing and small rips to give the jean some character. We then paired with some classic Diadora Heritage Trident 90 sneakers. We team this up with a Colmar Quilted Biker Jacket. Our finishing touch is a plain black Sunspel T-Shirt as this puts the focus of the outfit on the sneakers and jacket. Another reason we chose Sunspel is the luxury cotton they are made from. A regular fit tee that lasts for ever and has been tried and test by everyone at Designer Boutique.


For those singletons out there, those of you with no responsibilities and those of you who say a big FU to anything standing in your way. You will rock this night like you rock every weekend and you will deal with any repercussions when you wake up mid-afternoon to a bowl of Frosties. You are staying out and in the words of Micky Flanagan you are “Out Out”. This outfit transcends from the casual “aesthetic” of the boxing to the smart styling of a night out.

Men's Weekend Outfit Ideas


OUTFIT 2. is more of smart casual outfit. The idea is not to look over dressed at the boxing event itself but still smart enough to breeze into Pulse Promotions Tunnel Vision event at Williamson Tunnels. The main statement piece of this outfit is the embroidered Just Cavalli Sweatshirt, which features a mixture of sewn and screen print. Then we wrapped this outfit up with a washed pair of Antony Morato Barret Slim Fit Jeans and a clean pair of Mason Garments Mid Sneakers from their exclusive Made in Italy Collection.


What ever your plans are for the weekend, we hope you have a good one!

Swims Loafers

SWIMS LOAFERS – Essential Summer Footwear

Summer has officially arrived and it’s time to try something new on your feet this year! Swims Loafers offer a comfortable yet stylish alternative to whatever you have tried in the past!

Ideal for summer holiday’s on the beach, in the club or even a quite meal with the missus! The classic loafer is made in SWIMS’ signature rubber. The loafer has multiple ventilation gills ensuring great comfort and breathability. A classy and practical option for those hot summer days!

All loafers feature anti-slip, non marking sole with a durable and flexible TPU outer shell. Most importantly, water will NOT damage the shoe. They are water resistant and when your all said and done, simply slip them off and throw them in the washing machine on a 30°C wash.

Check out our full SWIMS collection online at or pop in store. Get 10% off your SWIMS with coupon code VIP10.

Got a comment, maybe an outfit suggestion? Why not share it will us over on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram!

Swims Lace Loafers

Denim Jeans Care Guide: How to

How to: Denim Care Guide

Ever wondered what is the best way to wash your denim? Heard rumours that less you wash the better? Well read our denim jeans care guide below and start keeping your denim feeling fresher for longer!


Denim is a very strong fabric that doesn’t need to be washed very frequently. In fact, the denim treatments that make your favourite jeans so special tend to fade when you wash them too often. Take a good look at this denim care guide.


Wash your jeans as seldom as possible. When you do have a specific stain that you would like to remove, we advise you not to wash the whole garment. Just wipe it off with a damp, absorbent cloth and you are ready to go.

Are your jeans starting to smell a bit funky? Don’t worry; just air it by hanging it outside for a day or by taking it with you when you’re going for a shower. The steam of the hot shower will make odours disappear. and if makes your denim smell fresh again.


Tried it all without any success? Then washing is inevitable. Use these simple steps to wash your denim:

  1. Always wash denim items inside out.
  2. Wash with similar colours (or separately) as denim tends to bleed.
  3. Use cold water only.
  4. Use a gentle soap.
  5. Always hang your jeans out to dry, don’t tumble dry.

Don’t panic when your jeans feel too snug after washing. Just start wearing it and the shape will come back in a short while
. Also be aware of the fact that indigo colours will fade naturally in time. This is a natural characteristic of the dye, which gives each garment an individual look.

RAW DENIMscotch-and-soda-care-guide

Raw or dry denim is denim that has never been washed. The longer you keep the denim dry, the more the coveted features evolve. When you feel ready to wash your raw denim, you can use the washing descriptions listed above.


  1. Wax, chewing gum and crayon stains are usually the most difficult stains to remove. Firstly, remove the residue with a dull scraping tool. Then gently rub an ice cube to the stain until the ice melts. Ice hardens the stain and enables you to scrape it off.
  2. Be careful with waxed or coated denim because the effect will fade when you wash them. Hang them out after every wear and let them air instead of washing it.
  3. Do not iron your jeans. Even though the fabric is perfectly resistant against the heath, special features like 3D effects will fade or even disappear by ironing it. Just hang them out to dry.
  4. Although not scientifically proved, many denim fanatics put their jeans in the freezer. The idea behind it is that the cold will remove the bacteria that cause your jeans to smell.

Last but not least we advise you to just wear your jeans, tear them, and beat them up. Leave your stains and simply enjoy whatever caused the stain. Fix rips and wholes because every one of them tells a story. Your favourite pair of jeans is like a photo album that captures precious memories and experiences. Wear, tear and enjoy!

Scotch & Soda Menswear | Amsterdam CoutureThanks to our friends and experts at Scotch & Soda for providing us with this fantastic, in-depth denim care guide. This guide applies to all denim products, be it Scotch & Soda, Armani, True Religion or Antony Morato jeans.

What better way to test this care guide out than buying a fresh pair of Scotch & Soda Jeans!


How to style your favourite jeans for any occasion

Ever wondered if you can wear your everyday jeans for another occasion? Here’s is our guide on just that!

For this example we are going to show you how to style a casual outfit as well as a formal outfit both centring from the same pair of jeans.

For this we have used a pair of 7 For All Mankind slim fit Ronnie jeans in a blue wash (Product Code; -304) as shown below;


We have paired the jeans with a Creative Recreation t-shirt (product code; -T769) and new season Supra Owen runners (product code; -586) to create this look. Accessories can also be added.


This outfit shows a casually styled look. This look is perfect for everyday wear and for occasions such as; days out, shopping, going to the cinema, casual dinners and so on.

This outfit we have styled for more formal events such as weddings, christenings and so on.

7-for-allmankind-formal-styleWe have paired the jeans this time with an Antony Morato short sleeve shirt (product code; -S388) and H by Hudson Loafers (product code; -550) to produce this smarter look. Accessories can also be added.