Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers

Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers

Having been involved in the fashion industry for over 30 years, I have seen a lot of brands & trends come and go. However, over the last few years the importance of the right footwear brand on your feet has had as much impact as anything I have ever seen.

Giuseppe Zanotti LiverpoolEvery season, there seems to be a new brand fighting to be on top and one brand that has been around for a number of years and is certainly making a big impact this season is Giuseppe Zanotti.

Not a shoe for those who want to blend in with the crowd, this is a brand that likes to make a bold statement and set you apart as a trend setter.

In the words of Mr. Zanotti ‘you cannot design shoes if you only think about fashion – it is too realistic… when I design, I dream’. And what a dream Zanotti sneakers are. The iconic style arrives for the new season in a cutting-edge variation.

Looking for something different, why not call in store and try a pair on.


This Is Not Clothing

Download This is Not Clothing App


The ‘This Is Not Clothing’ app is an augmented reality experience, unlocking interactive artwork and digital sculptures by scanning This Is Not Clothing’s labels. The app enhances This Is Not Clothing’s exploration of fashion, art and technology, adding a new dimension and experience to the artwork created by Jam Sutton.
Scan the image on the reverse of your clothing tag to unlock a 3d sculpture; you can now view the digital artwork from all angles. Take a photo of your artwork using the app and share via social media.
There are 8 sculptures to unlock using Collection III/II clothing tags.


Download the app from the App Store (for Apple devices) and Google Play (for Android devices).


Download and print the following PDF to unlock two digital sculptures, ‘Theseus & the Minotaur’ & ‘David & Goliath’.


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