Nigel Hall

Nigel Hall Menswear is the latest addition to the Designer Boutique brand profile. A collection rich in knitted polos, shirts, jumpers and fine gauge knitwear, Nigel Hall is a classic English style with luxurious fabrics and the very best fits.

Early Days: Nigel Hall Menswear started nearly 25 years ago on a stall at London’s Camden Market. Then, Camden was the place to hang out on a Sunday. The creative milieu of vintage stalls, fashion designers, jewellers & artists was the perfect place to find inspiration.

To create a line of modern menswear using the best in design, luxury fabrics and expert manufacturing has always been our passion; our attention to detail completes the picture. This promise has earned us our loyal customer following. Try on any Nigel Hall garment and you will see (and feel) why.