We first saw Cruyff Classics in 1979, when Johan Cruyff teamed up with Emilio Lazzarini to create the Cruyff Classic. By the 80’s players like Vanenburg, Winter, Jordi, Bergkamp, Petterson, and Bosman were all wearing Cruyff football boots helping spread the name of the brand. He followed with Cruyff clothing as well as footwear and in 1988 the Dutch Olympic team wore Cruyff. In the 21st century, Cruyff Trainers have gone from strength to strength.

The Cruyff Classic has been joined by the Cruyff Vanenburg which combines the elegance of the Cruyff Classic with a more streamlined look.

Other players who have their own style are Dennis Bergkamp with the DB 86’s celebrating his footballing debut; these amongst others can be found at Designer Boutique.