Ever wondered what is the best way to wash your denim? Heard rumours that less you wash the better? Well read our denim jeans care guide below and start keeping your denim feeling fresher for longer!


Denim is a very strong fabric that doesn’t need to be washed very frequently. In fact, the denim treatments that make your favourite jeans so special tend to fade when you wash them too often. Take a good look at this denim care guide.


Wash your jeans as seldom as possible. When you do have a specific stain that you would like to remove, we advise you not to wash the whole garment. Just wipe it off with a damp, absorbent cloth and you are ready to go.

Are your jeans starting to smell a bit funky? Don’t worry; just air it by hanging it outside for a day or by taking it with you when you’re going for a shower. The steam of the hot shower will make odours disappear. and if makes your denim smell fresh again.


Tried it all without any success? Then washing is inevitable. Use these simple steps to wash your denim:

  1. Always wash denim items inside out.
  2. Wash with similar colours (or separately) as denim tends to bleed.
  3. Use cold water only.
  4. Use a gentle soap.
  5. Always hang your jeans out to dry, don’t tumble dry.

Don’t panic when your jeans feel too snug after washing. Just start wearing it and the shape will come back in a short while
. Also be aware of the fact that indigo colours will fade naturally in time. This is a natural characteristic of the dye, which gives each garment an individual look.

RAW DENIMscotch-and-soda-care-guide

Raw or dry denim is denim that has never been washed. The longer you keep the denim dry, the more the coveted features evolve. When you feel ready to wash your raw denim, you can use the washing descriptions listed above.


  1. Wax, chewing gum and crayon stains are usually the most difficult stains to remove. Firstly, remove the residue with a dull scraping tool. Then gently rub an ice cube to the stain until the ice melts. Ice hardens the stain and enables you to scrape it off.
  2. Be careful with waxed or coated denim because the effect will fade when you wash them. Hang them out after every wear and let them air instead of washing it.
  3. Do not iron your jeans. Even though the fabric is perfectly resistant against the heath, special features like 3D effects will fade or even disappear by ironing it. Just hang them out to dry.
  4. Although not scientifically proved, many denim fanatics put their jeans in the freezer. The idea behind it is that the cold will remove the bacteria that cause your jeans to smell.

Last but not least we advise you to just wear your jeans, tear them, and beat them up. Leave your stains and simply enjoy whatever caused the stain. Fix rips and wholes because every one of them tells a story. Your favourite pair of jeans is like a photo album that captures precious memories and experiences. Wear, tear and enjoy!

Scotch & Soda Menswear | Amsterdam CoutureThanks to our friends and experts at Scotch & Soda for providing us with this fantastic, in-depth denim care guide. This guide applies to all denim products, be it Scotch & Soda, Armani, True Religion or Antony Morato jeans.

What better way to test this care guide out than buying a fresh pair of Scotch & Soda Jeans!